The smart way for landlords to save time and money

We make it easy to rent out your property

Track payments from tenants

Stop chasing tenants for payments, and stop paying estate agents fees for simple contracts and tenant referencing

Get an overview of your finances

Save time and money by letting us take care of your tax return, as well as tracking changing legal obligations

Fix things when things break

Recieve less late-night phone calls when things go wrong, instead resolve issues with one tap

Never chase your tenants for rent again

Payment reminders

If tenants don't set up a standing order, they will receive reminders a week before, one day before and on the day rent is due

See who’s paid and when at a glance

Recieve notifications that indicate which tenant has paid. Any unpaid rent can be easily flagged and tracked

Tenants can pay online in one click

We use the latest payment technologies so tenants can pay their rent directly to you online

No more spreadsheets and filling in tax returns

Automatic categorisation

We’ll automatically track expenses and bills to specific properties

Track your returns

The dashboard allows you to see the return on investment over different time frames

Tax Optimisation

We’ll help you with your tax return by giving you everything you need in one place

Get things fixed in a tap

A first line of defence

If something goes wrong we will try to help them resolve the issue themselves. So if the boiler’s low on pressure, we can help them sort it out without you.

Giving you choices

If we can’t fix it, we’ll automatically offer you a selection of quotes from verified contractors without any markups.

We'll arrange the rest

You choose the best option, then we will arrange a time with the tenant and contractor. No fuss.

Syncs with your current bank account

Rent. Guaranteed.

Optional rent guarantee insurance

We can ensure you’re never left out of pocket if a tenant cannot pay their rent

We will pay your rent, even if your tenant can't

Hammock can cover the rent for tenants if they need an extra week to pay


"I've only been using it a month but it's already saved me hours"

Paul Egan


"Hammock is so easy, I now feel confident to manage the let myself"

Alex Tomlinson


"Knowing the mortgage will be safely paid each month is amazing"

Louis Warner



Standard account



All our services our completely free.

No hidden costs or additional fees.

Syncs with your current bank account

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